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Holmgang Ov Gensokyo 1.5 Release Party!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Our very long awaited E.P. "NIGHT FESTIVAL OF TEN-THOUSAND DEMONS" is finally upon us! Except that it's no longer an E.P. After an unexpected amount of participants, it is now a massive full length that has exceeded everyone's expectations within H.O.G.

With a run time of 48 minutes, along with an extremely special 17 minute finale,

we can guarantee that Touhou Metal has never been here before.

The main release party will be on the main Holmgang Ov Gensokyo server at 10:00PM EST, filled with fellow doujin metalheads and artists of all kinds! Everyone is open to questions about the album or bands, overall it's going to be a fun time.

Link to the server here:

The server itself is international friendly, and doubles as a LastFM music server! That way in-between releases we can enjoy sharing our favorite music and albums together, on top of other little gimmicks. Be sure to get a little comfy before release day!

- ArmpitMaiden

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